You’ve probably all heard by now of Extrude Hone’s claims to the benefits of Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) and our latest technology COOLPULSE in the 3D printed market. Why just take our word for it though?

3D Printed Parts

When it comes to understanding the importance of surface finish of 3D printed parts, we here at Extrude Hone thought of no one better to ask than the industry leading, and globally recognized, contract manufacturer LAI International. Who offers its customers precision engineered components, finished parts, sub-assemblies, and more for top OEM’s in the Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Industrial, and Medical fields.


Mathew Lewis, with LAI International’s Manufacturing Group was kind enough to share these words with us:LAI_International_logo


“In the fields that we service, there are a ton of reasons why one would need to improve their surface finish. Whether it be for aesthetics, assembly, reducing wear / friction, improving flow rates, etc. in order to have a finished part, you always have to consider the surface finish and how it’s applied to the application. When it comes to 3D printed parts specifically, the geometries can become very complex; both internally and externally. As such, ‘traditional methods’ or even hand polishing are not really an option. That’s where Extrude Hone comes in.


With their AFM technology they’re able to process some of the most complex internal passages for parts, greatly improving the surface finish. While COOLPULSE may not always be able to reach some of the snaking internal passages, it’s still quite capable of processing internal areas and the entire external surfaces of your part simultaneously in minutes. As more and more companies shift towards Additive Manufacturing, I believe that we’ll only see more and more demand for these finishing process and Extrude Hone is on the ground floor, ready to help these companies turn development projects into production parts.